Surrey Hills Images

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Boats on the river at Guildford. Country Walk. Evening Light, Peaslake. Newlands Corner Stepping Stones on River Mole at Dorking. Sunset over Frensham Pond. Dawn on Holmbury Hill. National Trusts Polesden Lacey. Peaslake - Gomshall. St. Marthas Hill from Newlands. A Walk in the Hurtwood. Weston trout lake at Albury.


Welcome to Surrey Hills Images, a web site developed primarily to share my passion for the Surrey Hills landscape with other like-minded lovers of the countryside.


Naturally as a photographer it is almost impossible to confine my attention to landscape alone so you will find that the site contains quite a varied collection of images of people and places that have appealed to me over the years.


Picture 1:
"Low key black and white shots can be very effective for portraiture."
Picture 2:
"An abstract shot with little information means the viewer has to think a bit about what the image is saying".
Picture 3:
"Close-up photos of things we might not normally notice make interesting subjects".
Picture 4:
"Natural light portraits in outside locations can be very flattering.".